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MS Online

Learning, Your Way


Enrolled in MS Online-Virtual school Programme,you will have access to live training by our subject experts from around the world.

You will get a personalised custom-built timetable that allows you to learn in a remote learning environment with frequent formative and summative assessments, progress reviews,revision,feedback, continuous mentoring and counseling.


Enrolled in MS Academy,you will learn in a physical classroom environment  aided with online learning in the form of assessments (summative and formative) and practice sessions. 


Experience the best of blended learning and maximise  your learning potential. 

Industrial Design Car Sketch


Wishing for a career in Design,Animation or Game?


Join our coaching to explore your creativity,design aptitude and career-building choices.


Tackle the iterative design process with passion, creativity and confidence and gain insights into the world of creative industries.The course delivers the knowledge,skills and understanding you need to succeed..

Image by Victor Hughes


Wish to learn French ?

Join our elementary, intermediate or advanced level programme.Improve your  writing, listening, reading and conversational skills with our completely online programme or through blended learning.

With everything from basic French vocabulary to  grammar to composition, we’ve got you covered.

Hrishika Singh,IGCSE

"Thank you MS online and all our teachers for making learning so engaging and effective.I have seen the difference it has made."


Ipsha Basu,IGCSE

"I would  like to thank the teachers for being such  remarkable tutors. I'm grateful for their patience and knowledge which they have been passing down to me. All the teachers really helped me grasp the concepts that I didn't understand earlier."

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Ready for School

Achieve Personal Goals

A Lasting Impact

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