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Welcome to the Future Schooling @ MS Online

Future Schooling  has been  an initiative by Dr. Manoj Singh along with the team of dedicated educationists and industry experts. We are here because we love to see our students succeed and lead the future.

Future Schooling facilitates the coexistence of deeply rooted traditional value system and futuristic  technological advancements.Students develop 21 CLD .

I Farm

Digital Art

Product Design

Design Thinking and Innovation (D-box)


Game Art

Game Design



Algorithmic coding



  • Students remain engaged and motivated 

  • They learn about  Research,Design and Creativity in 21 CLD framework

  • They demonstrate and develop knowledge construction and Problem solving skills around sustainability and inclusion in Minecraft

  • The challenge presents a  project- based collaborative learning opportunities in a multiplayer remote environment

  • They participate in multi-disciplinary learning and produce their ICT skills

  • They learn to value team thinking and teamwork


High-quality learning resources developed by our global subject experts and instructional designers aim to maximize students’ learning potential. 


Students learn to demonstrate their conceptual clarity, computational thinking,  algorithmic, logical and research embedded competencies.



  • Q-SPACE CHALLENGE- Build a quarantine space to help people with COVID-19 access the care they need and control the risks of infection through automation,social distancing,tech innovations and space planning.


  • HEALTHCARE CHALLENGE - Build a new way to provide healthcare in Minecraft to help people of different ages and abilities access the care they need. This might be an at-home solution, new device or technology or a creative design for a community clinic. 


  • PUBLIC SPACE CHALLENGE- Design a public space for your community in Minecraft, keeping in mind the local culture and ecosystem as well as the needs of the different types of people that will use the space.  


  • SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL CHALLENGE- Build a more sustainable version of your school in Minecraft. Consider a holistic definition of sustainability, which may involve rethinking energy systems, recycling, transportation, and how nature plays a role.


  • ACCESSIBLE CLASSROOM CHALLENGE- Design a more accessible version of your classroom in Minecraft. Think about people with different learning styles and disabilities so the space is a safe and inspiring environment for everyone to be healthy.


  • ACCESSIBLE VEHICLE CHALLENGE- Create a model of an accessible vehicle with Minecraft. Think about what assistive technologies can be incorporated and the needs of people with various disabilities.


  • CARBON NEUTRAL CHALLENGE -Model a real-world carbon neutral system in Minecraft, demonstrating resource flows and documenting carbon removal.






Use of Theme

Originality and Creativity


  1. Collaboration and Project Management 

  2. Knowledge construction  

  3. Self-regulation  

  4. Real-world problem-solving and innovation  

  5. The use of ICT for learning  skilled communication

In today’s globalized, knowledge-based economies,students must leverage ICT to enhance their creativity, system thinking and researching capabilities.Since the school closures , we have moved into a remote learning environment. Students  leveraged MS TEAMS  for sharing their issues with group members ,showcasing the progress of their work and feedback based revision in their work . They used ICT to support knowledge construction working in a remote environment and creating the world in multiplayer. 



MS Academy

Blended Learning

Welcome to MS Academy.
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About MS

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Learn to Learn

Here’s the bottom line: You’re here because you want to learn and evolve. Our Online Class has helped students enrolled with different Boards boost their academic capabilities. Get in touch today!

Varsha Marathe.jpg

Varsha Marathe,Parent

We are associated with MS Online since last 1 year for our Son Rugved for AS and A level. Learning under Manoj Sir is altogether different learning , when adoloscent who is 17 years says he is in love with Manoj sir and other faculties for teaching. Rugved is very sorted so when he says he likes and he will be with Manoj Sir for life long that’s where we as parent go in relief about his career. He is in right hands  at right time and at right place.  I recommend MS Online to everyone who is looking for right kind of Adhyayan by Guru.

Seema Holkar.jpg

Seema Holkar, Parent

My son has had an awesome and blissful experience being a student of  MS Online team,the brainchild of Mr. Manoj Singh Sir. In fact it's the blessings of this team. The team induces the students to think intently of their self and lead them to an educational  experience which is praiseworthy indeed.

Prachi Karyekar.jpg

Prachi Karyekar, Parent

My son Shaunak Karyekar was studying AS level (Cambridge) with MS Online from past one year. I really appreciate the efforts taken by Mr. Manoj Singh and his team to make him comfortable and teach him and guide him throughout the year. There was a lot of uncertainty but the team guided us well. They are readily available for our questions and answering them promptly. We are looking forward to the next year.

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